Friday, December 08, 2006

Hi Dec. 8

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wow oh wow oh wow. what a great last couple weeks. thanks to everbody in madison for coming out to the high noon saloon. I played with my nephews jes and Paul and my brother ski and cousin Jay on standup bass.Known as the Mad Polecats Thanxs to rick murphy from WIBA fm for the kind words and help. Danny Ferrel(Flash) and the last Bar Band feauting one of my oldest friends Bar Chord Witter. dave came out with his lovely wife rita at johans the night before and we had a blast.
Yes that was Ron kalista from Vic Ferarri and the Stringbenders on drums in Fort Atkinson and moonshiners in Beaver Dam. rons been filling in when Craig is out of town.
its Evils birthday at longshots Sat. 9th in Ripon he turns 50 come on down. We have special guests coming
speaking of special guests who is that mystery woman thats been playing guitar with us lately? thats Cailyn Lyoyd, is who. what a talent. She is a very good friend of ours who can play guitar like johnny B Good. Cailyn will be at Longshots and hardtails, check her out.
Our other special guest is Wami award winner Ted Skenendore on drums. Ted plays in Green Bays legendary blues Cats. Plus his native American band Strong medicine. he has a new CD coming out that is awesome. He will be with us at Longshots for evils bday and hardtails Ted has also toured overseas for the state department and does shows at colleges and school with his native American band. Not only is Ted a big talent, who writes his own songs plays guitar drums and sings, he is one of the funnest and nicest people i know. How do i get so lucky to meet these people is beyond me. Probably its Evil who they like.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


Wow its been crazy. Say hey to every body from the last few months. Our new friends at Spirits in Waupon. Great food and wonderful back bar that Brian and Evil built. All the Zodiacs for having us at the Can't burn us out can't make us run party. all the folks I've been hearing from in Sheboygan from the Dairyland surf Classic. played that with my other family band the mad Polecats. Featuring my nephews Jes and Paul and other brother Ski and of course Jay on stand up bass.Looking forward to see you all in the next few months check out the schedule and come out and say hi.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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check us out at
Fri. 12 Electric lounge oshkosh basement of the eagles club
Sat. 13 Longshots ripon
Fri. 19 Jumpers Beaver dam Bobbys B day party
Sat. 20...The Dump Cambria Jack and bobby celebrate our b days
Fri. 26...The Garage Appleton, its back and better congradulations Peta from the Unity Band for getting your own club
Sat. 27.. Franks Place Raimor rd. Oshkosh out off Hy 21 it rocks
Fri and Sat. 2 and 3rd Bad brads janesvile. Our first time
Fri. 9.. kickback manitowoc
Sat. 10..Brown bottle Plymouth June and Judies b day
Fri. 16 Longshots Ripon
Sat. 17 Fudgieknuckles Glenbulah biker friendly
Fri. 23 Redliners our home in Menasha. its always packed and fun
Sat. 24 Gentleman jacks Little chute can't wait first time here. biker friendly
Fri. 2 Basement Bar Appleton
Sat. 3 soggy Bottom Bar Nichols